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  Friday 31 October 2014

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"It must be nice to be able to document your life so completely," a friend once wrote about the now-deceased It felt almost like a compliment.

The urge to document my life springs, I suppose, from the same urge that's kept writing a journal for so long: an obsession with the passing of time. I also like to compalin, truth be told. This site serves as a medium to record both.

Hay in Jabłonka
Hay in Jabłonka || More Images

It is, to some degree, a bilingual website. Kinga's material appears from time to time, always in Polish; my material appears most of the time, also sometimes in Polish. This just means that Kinga has translated some of my ramblings into Polish, while I've been lazy and haven't translated any of her comments into English.

Note: This site is more or less dead. Please refer to or flickr for more up to date info.

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